Kinnelon After School Enrichment Program

Job Opportunities

We need your help!

Our program is supported by you, our community. And we need your help!

Take a look at the jobs we need to fill (listed at left) and see if you think you can help us out.

Because our schedule for Spring 2009 has already been set, all instructor positions will begin in the Fall 2009 session.

Also, if you have a passion, interest, or hobby that you would like to share with the community children, we'd love to hear about that, too.

If you would like to apply for any position, please contact Linda Russell ( for salary information etc .

Staff Positions:

No Current Openings

Check back to see if something becomes available.

Instructor Positions:


Instructors needed at Kiel/Sisco and at PRM

Age appropriate science fun.

Pottery & Ceramics

Instructor needed at PRM

Working with either fired or air dried clay

Martial Arts

Instructors needed at Stonybrook and at PRM

We'd love to have you share your favorite martial art with our older students.

Digital Photography

Instructors needed at Kiel/Sisco, Stonybrook and at PRM

Help our students learn to compose a picture, use their camera properly, upload their images to a computer and edit them.

Crochet or Knitting

Instructor needed at PRM

Teach our 6th through 8th graders how to knit or crochet a wearable item or two!

Fashion & Make Up

Instructor needed in PRM

Show our budding teans the right fashion and make up for their build and complexion.

Party Planning

Instructors needed in Stonybrook and PRM

Show our older kids how to send invitations, decorate, make favors, take pictures and create a keepsake album at the end!

Book Club

Instructor needed at Stonybrook and PRM

Share your love of literature with our students. (Maybe do a craft with younger students)


Instructors needed for Stonybrook and PRM

Dance classes of any kind: Hip Hop, Jazz, Jazzersize etc.

So You Want To Be A Star

Teachers needed at Stonybrook and PRM

Teach the children a little about acting and end the course by putting on a play for the parents.


Instructor needed for Kiel/Sisco and Stonybrook

Teach our younger kids to be the cheerleaders of tomorrow!


Instructors needed for Kiel/Sisco, Stonybrook, PRM


Instructors needed for Kiel/Sisco, Stonybrook

Teach our students to love working with wood!  Please choose age appropriate projects!


Instructors needed at Kiel/Sisco, Stonybrook and PRM

Help our creative students find an artistic outlet. Use age appropriate techniques to craft your way through the session.

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Want to learn about our instructors and support staff?

Visit our

"Meet The Instructors" page, where you'll find their biographies, photos and a list of classes that they'll be teaching this semester.

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